Our Team:

Mark our general manager at Surrey DJ ensuring quality control of all the DJs who are on our team are to the highest possible level. He has a strict method to ensure all the DJs brought on to our team meet our requirements and will assign them as DJs for particular functions such as DJs best for weddings, 18th birthdays, 50th birthdays and so on… he also manages the testimonials to ensure we offer an impeccable service.

The DJs

In 10 years we have slowly added to our team of DJs only choosing the absolute best, our DJs are highly experienced so know what music works and doesn’t work, how to read the crowd to ensure the music is best suited to the guests on the night. They are friendly and approachable and happy to take requests they are also reliable so you can be sure they will be on time to your function.

All our DJs use the highest quality equipment from leading manufactures to ensure there are no issues on the night, as low quality equipment can cause cds to skip, the sound to be muffled and worst of all ismore likely to break down.

We do also ensure all our DJs carry backup equipment in the unlikely event of failure.

Our setups are smart and stylish as we use the latest equipment so the DJ setups not only look glamorous but also neat, tidy and follow health and safety rules to ensure the setup is free from obstructions or potential safety hazards.

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