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Function halls for hire for private partys or occasions. If you are looking for a venue to hire for your occasion in Croydon, Purley or Shirley below you will find a directory to make your venue hire search that little bit easier. The full list of venues for hire for private occasions. We have categorised the venue hire to certain areas so you can select your perfect venue close to home.  When hiring a venue we recommend to check the facilities will suit your needs we have provided our top tips bellow at the bottom of this page.

The list bellow includes pubs, clubs, hotels, function halls, party venues and general halls for hire in Croydon, Purley and Shirley.

Important top tips when hiring a venue in Croydon, Purley, Shirley:

Specify Hire Times: You will need to specify the exact rental times you would like the venue from.  With most function halls the time you specify will be the time you get the keys or access. If hiring entertainment or a mobile DJ ensure the times you would like include the setup time for the DJ or entertainer (the majority of DJs take 30 minuets to an hour to setup although check this beforehand).

Facility’s: If you are going to prepare food for your guests, make sure to check there are suitable tables, chairs and seating areas. Be sure to check there is a suitable number of chairs and tables for the number of guests due to attend. If you are looking to provide hot food check there is a kitchen area.

Finding the venue: Check that the venue is fairly easy to find for your guests, you can even place balloons or signs at the road site to direct your guests. Even provide a contact number on your invitations if they are finding it difficult to find the venue on the day.

The occasion you are planning to hold: It is important to let the venue know the occasion you are planning to hold (e.g. Children’s party, Corporate event, 18th birthday) as most function halls do not hold certain types of occasions. If you find it difficult to find a venue to hold your type of occasion another option would be to hire a marquee.

Costs, payment terms and contracts: Enquire what the payment terms are; some venues will take a deposit or the full fee up front. Also a contract that needs to be signed if is important to discuss terms in advance.

On site parking: Make sure will have adequate onsite parking for your guests for convenience.

Venue blackout facility’s: If you are planning to hire a mobile DJ or would like a disco atmosphere make sure the venue has the option to blackout the venue with curtains or blinds.

Venue size: It is important to make sure the venue is an adequate size for the number of guests you are planning to have.

Dance floor area: If planning to hire a mobile disco or entertainment, check the surface of the venues has a suitable surface for dancing.

Smoke machines and effects: If you are hiring a disco and would like a smoke machine, check that the venue allow this beforehand as smoke machines are not allowed at certain venues.